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On demand production of socks at Texprocess.

Twine Solutions and Santoni will demonstrate on-demand production of socks using two cutting edge technologies at Texprocess in Frankfurt this week.
At Texprocess Frankfurt (Hall 08, Booth G45) Twine Solutions will be showcasing the power of its digital waterless thread and yarn dyeing technology by feeding Santoni’s X MACHINE with threads dyed by Twine for the creation of on-demand socks.
Twine Solutions will be showing the latest version of its TS-1800 machine already installed at customers' sites around the globe. This latest release enables faster switches between jobs, further strengthening the agility and efficiency of digital dyeing for samples production. Together with an innovative tool for colour fine-tuning, it's now easier than ever to reach the specific colour required and dye the exact length of thread/yarn needed.
These improved efficiencies are added to the sustainable principles of the Twine technology, which already supports reducing waste, minimizing production, and eliminating water use. As an example, the Twine revolutionary technology uses zero water in its dyeing process compared with approximately 70 litres of water used for dyeing 1kg of thread in current analogue process. Needless to say, the TS-1800 is a carbon neutral machine.
Twine’s goals are shared by Santoni and its innovative X MACHINE, a circular sock knitting machine which offers a sustainable production process thanks to its record production times - from 5 to 7 minutes per piece. Moreover, the X MACHINE produces seamless socks, which eliminates the need to cut and sew fabrics, as well as waste itself, speeding up finishing times.
This 4-feed knitting machine is based on 3D intarsia technology, which maps the areas of the foot according to the type of yarns and to the structure chosen, allowing not only unlimited patterns and colour combinations, but also the creation of different densities and elasticities in the same product, thus meeting the international demand both for sport, fashion and technical socks.
Being the only intarsia machine with 168 needles, the X MACHINE can be offered with the renowned SbyS device (Stitch-by-Stitch), which allows the automatic closing of the toe.
Last but not least, using sock production know-how, the X MACHINE can also be employed to produce seamless shoe uppers.
Twine Solutions
Twine Solutions has created the first technology of its kind for digitally dyeing thread on-demand. Launched in 2015 by twin brothers, Alon and Erez Moshe, Twine digitally dyes raw or off-the-shelf, white polyester thread in any colour and length for immediate use in sewing, knitting, and embroidery. Twine's process is sustainable, uses no water, and reduces significant amounts of thread waste. Twine helps companies meet their sustainability goals, reduce thread waste, and cut costs.

Founded in 1919 and part of the Lonati Group since 1989, Santoni is the very first Italian sock knitting machine manufacturer. Over the last 20 years, Santoni has developed a series of circular seamless knitting machines, becoming a worldwide leader in this technology.
The aim of Santoni is guaranteeing the best performance through the latest technological innovations and with the most suitable solutions for any need. As pioneer of the seamless technology, Santoni carefully follows market’s trends and works respecting both the highest quality standards and the environment to provide a complete choice of products and remain leader of the sector.
Santoni represents an exclusive and organic combination of technological and commercial synergies among different business realities. It’s a comprehensive view committed to integrate innovation and leadership in order to design machines able to face the challenges of the textile market, a segment subject to a quick and continuous evolution to keep up with the fashion world.
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