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Nautilus Light: the ideal software for textile SME’s.

Do you have a small or medium-size textile company and you would like to make it smarter?
In Dinema Textile we have the solution for you and it's called Nautilus Light!
This is our computerized data collection system for production control that provides specific information in real time on performance and adjustments needed!
Nautilus Light is the natural replacement for manual data collection, spreadsheets and first generation software capable of processing only limited amount of data.
Thanks to its innovative features, you can optimize processes and improve production efficiency for the purpose of your hosiery and knitwear company.

What does it offer?
  • Connection via specific electronic boards to all the Lonati Group's hosiery and knitwear machines;
  • Connection via external MDS device to sewing, ironing, and hosiery and knitting machines not belonging to the Lonati Group (after technical verification);
  • Possibility of connecting up to 70 machines;
  • Collection in real time of production data;
  • Collection of machine stops;
  • Calculation of work and time efficiencies of the single machine, group, or of the whole machine room.