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Santoni X-MACHINE for 3D shoe uppers on show at ISPO.

Argyle-Intarsia technique applied to shoe uppers
Santoni is exhibiting at the international sportswear show ISPO in Munich this week, where the Italian company is introducing the latest developments in the shoe uppers field.
The company’s focus is on its XT-MACHINE for sports shoe uppers. Santoni’s head of marketing Patrick Silva, explains the technology:
“Santoni has in fact created an innovative integrated upper, in a single or double-layer argyle fabric, provided with a tongue on the instep and entirely made in one piece, produced in a whole shoe upper by its knitting machine called XT-MACHINE.”

“The innovative upper also offers the possibility to locate, where desired, the terry fabric, with the function of cushioning or shock absorption, and the openwork fabric, able to improve the breathability of the upper and the ventilation of the foot. In addition, it is possible to introduce a heel quarter stiffener, designed to stiffen the rear area where the heel is housed, also integrally made with the rest of the upper.”

Patrick Silva continues: “This innovative upper, properly handled and folded, after undergoing a heat setting process, a fixing with subsequent cementing of the sole and insertion of the laces, turns into a full and already completed shoe with its final shape, which offers all the peculiarities of a traditional shoe with the advantage of being lighter, more comfortable, with specific technical features and capable of offering great performance and higher quality.”
“In addition,” says Silva: “A strategic advantage offered by the new Santoni technology lies in the possibility of developing and creating innovative uppers efficiently and quickly, drastically reducing the overall time of the shoe production cycle and minimizing production waste.”

The following image shows a shoe, which Santoni is showing at ISPO Munich 2020, provided with an upper obtained with the 
 technology integrated with the latest innovations. “Santoni, always focused on protecting its Industrial Property rights, has protected all recent innovations by filing 2 patents relating to the manufacturing process of the shoe upper and 12 patents relating to the new technologies introduced in the XT-MACHINE,” Patrick Silva concludes.

Visit Santoni at ISPO

ISPO Munich 2020 is taking place from 26-29 January at the Messe München exhibition centre. Santoni can be found at Hall A5, Booth 410.