MODERNIOS TECHNOLOGIJOS was present at the Lithuanian-Uzbekistan Business Forum in Vilnius.

The forum is organized by the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan.

MODERNIOS TECHNOLOGIJOS met with 26 companies producing textile and metal products.

For the consolidation of bilateral cooperation, the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists has established business council for the economic and commercial cooperation with UZBEKISTAN.

The primary objectives of the LPK council are to contribute to the consolidation of bilateral economic relations, to promote export and mutual investments, to enhance the mutual commercial atmosphere.

At present, the Confederation unites 57 branch and 6 regional associations, over 3500 various enterprises in all. There are also LPK members who do not belong to associations and have joined the Confederation on individual basis. The LPK members include most Lithuanian production enterprises, banks, trading companies, representative offices of foreign firms, research institutes, and educational establishments. The activities of LPK members cover all the main branches of industry: nearly all goods manufactured in Lithuania are their products.


Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan carries out following tasks:

Assistance to entrepreneurs of the Republic in expansion of business contacts with the foreign partners and investors, in promotion of export production made by domestic entrepreneurs, on foreign markets, and also in attraction of direct foreign investments into the Republic for creation of joint ventures, technical equipment and re-equipment, first of all, small and private enterprises;
Providing entrepreneurs with wide spectrum of services, including information and consultation support, organization of business-catalogues publications, covering the information on domestic manufacturers, production made by them and investment opportunities, and also data on potential partners and opportunities of modern technologies purchase;
Representation and protection of the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs, including in relations with state bodies and an economic board concerning their registration, certification of production, licensing and to other questions, and also at disposal of legal proceeding in courts;
Support on development of the education system and professional training for entrepreneurs, the organization of training and improvement of professional skill of entrepreneurs;
Participation in development of the concept of entrepreneurship development and in implementation of mechanisms of public control over activity of enterprises;
Keeping the database of the entrepreneurs on the basis of the state register of the enterprises and the organizations;
Participation in creation of system tripartite (the union of hired workers, the union of employers and the government) cooperation, elaboration and carrying out national economic and social policy;
Assistance to settlement of disputes between enterprises;
And many more tasks related to support business with in the country and abroad

Modernios technologijos, UAB has been successfully selling industrial equipment in the markets of Northern, Eastern, Southern Europe and Central Asia for more than 13 years.