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SML’s PowerCast XL is a unique 4.5 wide stretch film line with a net output capacity of up to 3.400 kg/h. At SML’s booth at K2022, the line processed a new type of PCR resin developed together with Braskem into premium stretch film. A technical highlight of the PowerCast XL is its patented triple turret winder: the first in the market for manufacturing 2” stretch film hand rolls on a 4.5 m wide line.

“SML PowerCast XL stands for high volume and superior stretch film quality. It can be fitted with a 7 to 67 layer feedblock, and it comes with the biggest chill roll of 1,600 mm in the field. Nevertheless, it requires only 240 m² floor space”, says Thomas Rauscher, Product Manager at SML.

Excellence in process technology

The PowerCast XL was able to process 30 % post-consumer-recycling material that came from mechanical recycling. For the manufacturing of high-performance stretch film with PCR, SML joined forces with the Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem. Together, they presented on K 2022 a commonly developed solution that combines SML’s technology in film processing and Braskem post-consumer recycled resin. The newly developed Wenew DL085C resin is a 100 % PCR resin and allows the production of completely transparent stretch film with excellent mechanical properties on SML stretch film lines. These films are highly resilient and withstand strong mechanical loads, i.e. in the area of transport safety or for automatic applications in the beverage industry.