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New benchmark in stretch film production: PowerCast XL with a brand-new triple turret winder.

SML’s PowerCast XL is a unique 4.5 m-wide machine concept, with an output volume of up to 3,400 kg/h of net high quality stretch film, on a floor space of only 240 m². But innovation never stands still: On the PowerCast XL, a newly developed winding system now allows the manufacturing of 2” hand rolls at a size of 4.5 m net film width.


“SML’s PowerCast XL faithfully delivers high volumes and a supreme stretch film quality. From the very start, this line has proven to be a market success. And yet, customers continued to ask for greater flexibility with regard to hand rolls for 2” as well as for 3”. To satisfy these demands, SML developed a triple turret version of its best-selling winder, the W4000-4S, especially for the PowerCast XL,” as Thomas Rauscher Product Manager at SML, explains.


Versatility in combination with high production capacity: Hand rolls, machine rolls and jumbo rolls 

“The PowerCast XL with the new turret winder W4000-4S3T has yet to meet its match. It is the first winder of its type available on the market. Our new solution allows our customers to also produce 2” hand rolls on a 4.5 m stretch film line – an unbeatable advantage,” Thomas Rauscher, reveals. Until now, it was only possible to run 2” hand rolls on lines of up to 3 m width, thus the new development boosts the output of hand rolls by about 50 %. As before, 3” hand rolls, machine rolls and jumbo rolls can also be manufactured, with ease, with this new solution.


Lighter cores or even coreless 

Another key feature of the winder W4000-4S3T is the possibility to run thinner cores. When the core thickness is reduced, the CO2 e.g. in stretch film production is minimised in the same way. “Of course, the most sustainable solution would be the production of stretch film completely without cores. And this is something which can also be accomplished with our latest innovation”, Thomas Rauscher adds.


PowerCast and PowerCast XL: Developed for maximum outputs 

SML launched the PowerCast brand in 2016 as a 4 m-wide concept. Till this day it is still a very successful addition to SML’s other well-known stretch film brands. In 2019 the PowerCast XL followed as a 4.5 m-wide pre-configured stretch film line. The new PowerCast XL + W4000-4S3T is the latest step forward in SML’s PowerCast series, successfully uniting maximum output volumes with a higher production flexibility.


Why PowerCast XL + W4000-4S3T ? 

  • Output up to 3,400 kg/h net
  • Compact design - 240 m² floor space 
  • Ø 1,600 mm chill roll – the biggest in this sector 
  • 7 or 67 layers 
  • Ready to process PIR and PCR resins 
  • 2” hand rolls, 3” hand rolls, machine rolls and jumbo rolls 
  • ThinCore technology 
  • Coreless technology 
  • Modified edges

If you would like to know more about our latest developments or have a look at the PowerCast XL, don´t miss out on the opportunity to meet us in person at the K’2022! Hall 17 / C42 and C39.


Redlham, 04.10.2022