OPEN CONFERENCE "NATURAL FIBRES – THE FUTURE OF SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY" and the 82nd Ordinary General Assembly of Members of the Gdynia Cotton Association will be held May 26-27, 2022.


15.00 – 15.05           Welcome and introduction of lecturers
                                      Professor Iwona Frydrych – President of
                                      the Gdynia Cotton Association

15.05 – 15.20           Sustainable Production of Cotton
                                     Jerzy Kotwas – Director of the Gdynia Cotton Association

15.20 – 15.35           Flax and Hemp – Fibres of the Future
                                   Marek Radwański – EKOTEX, President of 
                                   the Polish Chamber of Flax and Hemp

15.35 – 15.50           Cotton versus Physiological Comfort
                                    Professor Małgorzata Matusiak –
                                    GCA Honorary Member,        
                                    Lodz University of Technology         

15.50 – 16.05           topic to be advised later
                                     Jarosław Chermanowicz –
                                     IKEA Purchasing Services Poland Sp.z o.o.

16.05 - 16.20            topic to be advised later
                                     Ph Dr Radosław Dziuba – Director, Łukasiewicz –
                                     Lodz  Technological Institute NRI 

16.20 – 16.35           topic to be advised later
                                      TBN, Institute of Natural Fibres & Medicinal Plants NRI, 

16.35 - 16.50            Influence of Aerogel Layer on
                                     Fireproof Fabrics on their Selected Thermal Properties
                                     Msc Pamela Miśkiewicz, Professor dr hab. eng.
                                     Iwona Frydrych, Ph dr  Magdalena Tokarska,
                                     Lodz University of Technology

16.50 – 17.00           Discussion, questions to lecturers and
                                     summing up and   closing of the Conference
                                     Professor Iwona Frydrych –
                                    President of the Gdynia Cotton Association