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A new strategic partnership between Georg Sahm GmbH & Co. KG and MODERNIOS TECHNOLOGIJOS.

MODERNIOS TECHNOLOGIJOS.represents more than 70 well-known companies in the countries of Eastern, Central and Northern Europe, Central Asia and the Caucasus.

The name SAHM is synonymous worldwide with pioneering innovations in precision winding machinery and peripheral systems. As technology leader especially in the field of automatic precision winders for high performance fibers and technical yarns, we continue to set new standards.

Research, development, planning, production, quality assurance – our company headquarters in Eschwege, Germany, is where all SAHM innovative products originate. From here, again and again, SAHM strike out in new directions – setting the bar high in terms of quality and functionality, and with a passion for precision.

With branches in Fountain Inn, SC/USA and Guangzhou, China, and supported by a global network of authorized agents, SAHM show strong presence on international markets and maintain reliable proximity to our customers on all continents. This close contact with customers and local agents keeps SAHM prepared for individual customer wishes and helps SAHM realize them.

SAHM employs 200 people, including 18 apprentices.