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Steiger comes up with washable knitted protective face masks

Steiger, a leading Swiss flat knitting technology provider, has come up with knitting data for 3D protective face masks. The masks are being produced in its Vionnaz-based headquarter.
The move comes after seeing a lot of demand for face masks in the market and, according to Steiger, the protection mask will play a crucial role in the months coming ahead.
The knitting tech giant has developed 2 knitting programmes for knitting gauges E12 and E14 which are further offered to all its clients. Both knitting programmes can be downloaded from the customer area, says Steiger.
Further, the zero-waste masks are produced on a new knitting machine which is able to knit fabrics in 3D. The company also claims that, due to breakthrough innovations in knitting machines, it is able to insert the elastic seamlessly during the process.
The masks are designed according to AFNOR standards which are adopted by the Government of France as an immediate measure. Importantly, these masks are not intended for doctors or patients who are working as front line warriors but are for common people for their precautionary measures.
However, the recommended time of mask wearing is not more than 4 hours. The masks are washable also and the company suggests washing these masks at least at 60 degrees for around 30 minutes.